HypriotOS 0.7.0 Berry - the Raspberry Pi Birthday release

We’ve just prepared a new beta release of HypriotOS 0.7.0 Berry which is based upon an updated 0.6.1 Hector. Feel free to check it out: /downloads/.

Raspberry Pi 3


This SD image still works on all available Raspberry Pi models (really!)

We included all the latest Docker tools for you and especially the new Docker Swarm 1.1.3. Together with the brand-new powerful Raspberry Pi 3 B it makes to much fun to run Docker containers.

Don’t forget, this week is Docker #SwarmWeek. Head over to https://blog.docker.com/2016/02/swarmweek-is-coming/ for more details.

Raspberry Pi 3

And with the help of Docker Swarm it’s just awesome to control a fleet of Raspberry Pi’s running your awesome distributed applications.

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Dieter @Quintus23M & Stefan @stefscherer

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