We now accept donations. Buy us a beer!

Many of our users have asked for it for quite a long time. Now, we finally took the time to setup a donation option.

Since we started Hypriot in 2015, we received great attention from a growing community around Docker on ARMed devices. We received numerous “kudos” and nice words. Even though we greatly appreciate this until today, words do not enable us to pay our infrastructure bills. Now you have the option to support us materialistically.

Donations Screenshot Liberpay

What we do with your donation

Open source software might seem to be “free” (as in free beer) at first sight - that’s a fallacy. Its development, testing, and deployment require a huuuge amount of scarce time, ARMed hardware for testing, costs for service providers that help us throughout the software lifecycle, and costs for software licenses.

Today, everything at Hypriot we do in our leisure time and pay for related bills with our private wallet. It would be great if we could at least cover our basic costs for infrastructure. Many parts of our infrastructure are free of charge for us because many service providers for e.g. build pipelines or Github support open source projects (our software is 100% open source). However, some providers do not offer free subscriptions for open source projects. We’ll use your donation to cover the bills from them.

If the infrastructure costs are completely funded, we’ll use the surplus to enjoy a good beer during our hacking sessions :-)

Why Liberapay?

Liberapay is a relatively new and trendy donation platform for free software projects. The unique thing about this platform: it pays its bills for development by receiving donations on its own platform! As transaction fees for payments, this platform only invoices for the fees they are charged by their financial provider. In addition, Liberapay is fully open source and based within the European Union. Using software stemming from within the EU got more important with the advent of the new data protection regulation.

Thus Liberapay offers several advantages over other popular platforms like Patreon (closed source, high transaction fees, not EU based).

Buy us at least a little beer!

If many of our community only provide little portions, the sum can be high. So please click on the following button, create an account and charge the account with some euros or dollars. Finally, specify a little amount you’d like to donate to us.

Donate using Liberapay

Thank you very much in advance!

@MathiasRenner at Twitter or Mastodon

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