Moving Docker from Wheezy to Jessie

What’s even better then Wheezy? Yes, your right - that’s Jessie.

And that’s not only because we very much like what crazy stuff Jessie is doing with Docker. No, it’s because Jessie is the next version of the Debian operating system that forms the foundation of our SD card image.

Jessie updates all the included software to much more recent versions. And most notably it switches the old sys-v-init startup system to systemd.

Battle-Tested Docker-Jessie with some sugar

On top of that we added all the battle-tested ingredients of our previous Get-Docker-Running-in-under-5-Minutes SD card image:

We consider this new version of our SD card image still as beta quality. During the next two weeks we want to improve it step by step and gather feedback to make it a great out-of-the-box experience for our users.

Get it while it is still hot (~ 424 MB)

Check out our Getting-Started-Guide on how to get this SD card image running on our Pi.

As always use the comments below to give us feedback and share it on Twitter or Facebook.


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