Introducing the new ClearFog Pro Router Board from SolidRun

Could you imagine to run a standard Linux OS and your applications of choice securely within Docker containers on a beefy WiFi router at home?

We think this will be possible soon with this new ARM-based router board from SolidRun. Thus we’ll spent a whole blog post series to install our Debian-based HypriotOS and get Docker running on this Marvell ARMADA powered Single Board Computer (SBC).

So let’s get started and for our first episode in this series we’ll dive deep into the technical specifications of the ClearFog Pro in order to get to know this neat little device.

ClearFog Pro Overview

But be prepared, this one is really a powerful beast…

ClearFog Pro Overview

Technical specifications

The ClearFog is based upon the Marvell ARMADA 380 or 388 processors. The CPU is a single or dual core ARMv7 processor (Cortex A9) @ up to 1.6 GHz with 1MB L2 cache, NEON and FPU.

Features ClearFog Base* ClearFog Pro
SoC Model ARMADA based A380/A388 ARMADA based A380/A388
Memory & Storage 256MB (A380)/1GB (A388) 256MB (A380)/1GB (A388)
M.2** M.2
8GB microSD 8GB microSD
4GB eMMC (optional) 4GB eMMC (optional)
Connectivity 1x mSATA/mPCIE 2x mSATA/mPCIE
1x USB 3.0 port 1x USB 3.0 port
2x Port dedicated Ethernet 1x Port dedicated Ethernet
1x SFP (A388 Only) 6x Port switched Ethernet
1x SFP Ethernet
I/O and Misc. Analog Audio Analog Audio/TDM module support
GPIO Header (mikroBUS) GPIO Header (mikroBUS)
Indication LEDs Indication LEDs
User Push Buttons User Push Buttons
PoE expansion header PoE expansion header
RTC Battery RTC Battery
FTDI (console only), Debug Header FTDI (console only), Debug Header
JTAG Header
OS Support Linux Kernel 3.x, OpenWrt, Yocto Linux Kernel 3.x, OpenWrt, Yocto
Power Wide range 9-32V Wide range 9-32V
Advanced Power Control
Fan Control
Dimensions 100mm x 74mm 225mm x 100mm

*available soon
**M.2 includes USB 3.0 support (in carrier Base only)

More details can be found at the ClearFog Pro product page.

ClearFog Pro (top view) ClearFog Pro Top View

ClearFog Pro (buttom view) ClearFog Pro Buttom View

Technical highlights

First impressions

We think you’ll get it now - this device is somewhat special.

It’s not a real end-user product and it’s therefore called a development board. But the ClearFog Pro is already equipped with some best-in-class components and has a superior build quality - once you see it in person you’ll gonna know what we’re talking about.

Lot’s of possibilities

As you now know some of the technical details of the ClearFog Pro, you can clearly imagine what could be possible with such a board.

So, we’re listing here only a few possibilities to start the brain storming…

…and finally we’d like to ask you:

“What would you like to build with a ClearFog Pro?”

Update: new follow-up posts

Please send us your feedback on our Gitter channel or tweet your thoughts and ideas on this project at @HypriotTweets.

Dieter @Quintus23M

P.S. this ClearFog Pro (ARMADA A388 w/ 1GByte memory) is already hooked up for testing in our labs ClearFog Pro Cabled

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