Docker was well received at Germany's biggest Raspberry Pi Jam

Last Saturday Germany’s biggest Raspberry Pi community event - the PiAndMore - took place for the 9th time.

In cooperation with the University of Trier the organizers were able to provide a broad range of activities. There were talks, workshops and many interesting tinker projects at display to delight even the most demanding maker heart.

It comes as no suprise that Docker was a hot topic at the PiAndMore conference, too.


Docker and the Raspberry Pi - a dream team?

The Docker Pirates were invited to give a talk about Docker on the Raspberry Pi.
Despite being one of the first talks at nine o’clock in the morning it was well visited.

After some inital technical problems with the local power supply, network and beamer (yeah - all three!) the talk went well.

I started by giving a short introduction to Docker and finished with a live demo on our 5 node Pico-Cluster. Starting with some basic Docker Fu the demo soon gathered speed and I showed how to use Docker Compose and Swarm to get a two tiered microservice architecture up and running in less then 5 minutes.

Here is a recording of the talk made by Call-a-Tux:

Docker Workshop

It seems the talk was able to whet the appetite of the audience as many joined the two hour workshop later. Soon all seats were taken and the attendees embarked on a whirlwind tour through HypriotOS and Docker.

Thanks to HypriotOS and our convenient flash tool everybody was able to start with Docker in no time.
After learning the basic Docker commands everybody started to feel like a real Docker Pirate.

From there it was mostly smooth sailing and we even started to manage our containers with Docker Compose and Swarm.

In the end the workshop was rounded off by an excursion into the realm of Dockerfiles and how to build our own Docker images.


It was really nice to see so many people get excited about Docker and ask so many curious questions. Later when I walked through the exhibition part of the conference I even learned that many people came to PiAndMore specifically because of the Docker talk and workshop.

All in all it was awesome being at the PiAndMore conference. It was really well organized and had a very nice nerdy feel about it. Actually I had a really hard time to pry my colleague Andreas from the event when we finally had to leave to drive home.

PiAndMore Having fun

So if you happen to be near Trier next year when the next PiAndMore takes place make sure to pay them a visit. It is most certainly worth it!

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Govinda @_beagile__

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