Docker on Raspberry Pi Workshop in Brussels

A couple of weeks ago we have been invited by the fine folks over at the Docker User Group in Brussels to help conduct a workshop. And of course this workshop was about Docker. Still it was not your ordinary Docker workshop.

It was special because instead of being a workshop about Docker on big servers it was about Docker on really small ARM devices. The very same devices that power the upcoming IoT revolution.

Turns out it is really amazing what you can do with Docker on those tiny machines.

Raspberry Pi Workshop in Brussels

In this workshop attendees learned how to get started with Docker on their Raspberry Pi’s. Starting with the basics they soon turned to advanced topics like building a Docker cluster.

Dieter Reuter from our team gave an introductory talk and showed off some of the cool things we did at Hypriot. About 70 people attended the workshop and worked in small groups and helped each other to learn new stuff. Even days after the event Dieter was still raving about the cool event and the amazing, open-minded and friendly people.

As you can see from the pictures it was a lot of fun to be there.

Special thanks for making the workshop possible need to go to Damien Duportal. His workshop presentation can be found here. The example app that was used during the workshop was ported to ARM and can be found here.

We - at the Hypriot team - are really excited to see how more and more people start to see the potential in Docker on ARM.

Last week I was approached by Bastiaan Schaap from the DevOps Oost-Nederland Meetup Group to help organize a similar workshop. It will take place on June, 1st in Wageningen in the Netherlands. You can read more about the agenda on the Meetup-Website. Make sure to RSVP early as there will only be a limited number of seats available.

We plan to do some more workshops in the next couple of months. So if you like to see one happen in your area - please come and talk to us. We really have a lot of fun organizing and conducting these kind of events and can come up with a ton of different workshop topics.

So in this sense - hope to see you soon in person. Happy ARM hacking until then. :)

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Govinda @_beagile__

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