And did you see the notch in the sabre? Our Docker birthday wrap-up

one-of-its-kind birthday cake

Once in a while everyone should have a break from work and party hard. I am not saying that this event was a break for our Hypriot Team, but we definitely celebrated as real pirates do: With a worn-out sabre and rum, on board of a three-storey cake ship.

This three hour long journey has been tough. 50 pirates, many of them Docker freshmen from many different companies, striked out to look for the blue whale. Strong currents in foreign waters made this task a challenging one. But six veterans were aboard that shared their experience so that together with the freshmen they made good progress.

The crew has already been working hard for well over 2 hours, when suddenly a huge wave reared up right in front of the ship. “This wave is the test if we did our work on deck properly”, one of the veterans roared against the loud noise of the strong breeze. And as the crew realized some seconds later, he was right. The wave fell on the ship and washed many of the bold freshmen away. However, eight of them, due to their exceptional firmness and ambition to finish the work properly, survived.

When the waters calmed down and the first sunrays started touching the ship again, the veterans promised the remaining freshmen to provide special T-shirts, which will help them to successfully master all upcoming journeys. Also the ones that shouted out loud such that more people get to know about this adventure were promised to receive a T-shirt.

The veterans carved their names on a wooden plank:

The veterans believe that these valuable goods will be lost when the mailboat impinges upon huge waves. Therefore, the T-shirts will be handed over at the beginning of the next journey.

In case we do not have your proper size any more, we request your size from Docker. If this won’t work out, we put you on top of the winners list for next time when there’s something to win.

Big thanks to our sponsors

This event would not have been possible without our sponsors. Again, we heartfully thank:

Paessler AG @paesslerAG for the gorgeous birthday cake: Paessler AG

TAO & University of Bamberg for the great location: TAO

University of Bamberg

Seal Systems AG @PrintAndConvert for the yummy pizza:

Seal Systems AG

Please drop them a line at their twitter account and give them a virtual hug!

Particularly, we thank Prof. Krieger and Marcel Großmann from University of Bamberg for their fantastic support!

Also, thanks to everyone who gave us feedback on, especially feedback on how we can improve!

Last but not least, we would like to give special thanks to Jana Jakob from Janes Cake Tragedy for the one-of-its-kind birthday cake!

Visually dive into of what happened

We look forward to have you with us on our next adventure! Stay in contact!

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Mathias @MathiasRenner

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