Come to our Docker Birthday Party

As you all know tomorrow will be a really special day.

We will celebrate the 3rd Docker birthday.

And of course we from Hypriot are in the thick of it.

Come to the Docker Birthday Party 2016

We had to find a suitable location (we now have space for 450 people), prepare the location and computers for all the attendees, make a birthday cake, learn all about Docker so we could be mentors and finally we had to find sponsors …

And we actually found some and want to say thank you here for their support:

We thank Paessler AG for the Birthday Cake: Paessler AG

We thank TAO & University of Bamberg for the great location: TAO

University of Bamberg

We thank Seal Systems AG for the yummy pizza:

Seal Systems AG

Please drop them a line at their twitter account and give them a virtual hug!

So we mostly finished our preparations and are super excited.

If you have not yet decided if you want to come, here are some reasons:

And to wet your appetite some more we have prepared some pictures:

So come and join us tomorrow. RSVP now at our Docker Meetup Page.

As always, use the comments below to give us feedback and share this post on Twitter, Google or Facebook.

Govinda @_beagile__

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