What is HypriotOS?

See this description here.

On which boards can HypriotOS run?

Is there an easy way to flash the image of HypriotOS onto a SD card?

Yes, check out our flash tool, which makes the flashing process super easy and fast.

Default Credentials

The default credentials for the image are user pirate with password hypriot.

Connection via SSH to a fresh HypriotOS, I get connection reset by peer.

After all, Re-flashing of the SD cards is all that we’ve experienced as a solution for this error.

How can I change the hostname?

We use device-init to automatically change some settings on every boot.

Just edit the /boot/device-init.yaml file with an editor

sudo nano /boot/device-init.yaml

and change the line with hostname:

hostname: "black-pearl"

After a reboot the device boots up with the new hostname. See more details about the device-init.yaml file.

How can I boot a Raspberry Pi Zero?

To configure and boot a Raspberry Pi Zero without a mini HDMI adapter you can prepare everything before the first boot. To turn on the onboard WiFi you have to disable the UART which is used by default to connect to your RPi with an USB2Serial adapter.

Run our flash script with the following options to have a wireless out-of-the-box experience on first boot.

flash --bootconf config-no-uart.txt --config wifi.yaml hypriotos-rpi-v1.4.0.img.zip

You need two config files that will be copied after flashing the SD card.



# camera settings, see http://elinux.org/RPiconfig#Camera

# Enable audio (added by raspberrypi-sys-mods)


hostname: black-pearl
      ssid: "MyNetwork"
      password: "secret_password"

After turning on your Raspberry Pi Zero it should be connected to your WiFi and reachable at black-pearl.local (or your hostname of choice).

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